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Staircase drawers : alternatif bagi ruang simpanan barang

hiasan dalaman Staircase drawers Dengan menjadikan setiap anak tangga sebagai ruang simpanan barang, ia secara tidak langsung memberikan alternatif yang terbaik dalam ruang simpanan. Tips hiasan dalaman yang amat berguna terutama bagi rumah yang mempunyai ruang yang terhad. Staircase drawers | interior design  Read More →

tips and techniques for a great paint job – panduan mengecat

A room looks wonderful with a fresh coat of paint. But if you have a “Love-Hate” relationship with painting, you’ll want to read our tips on getting a great finished product. You might even enjoy the project as much as the finished product! Start Out Right You’ll enjoy the job more if you get everything together at the start. Organize a tool station in the middle of the... 

living room decorating tips – panduan hiasan ruang tamu

Plan a “zone” for each great room activity: cooking, dining, entertaining, media viewing, conversation, play, and, importantly, unobstructed passageways around and through the room that won’t disturb ongoing activities. Define functional areas through furniture arrangements, flooring, and carpets — durable, food and drink-proof surfaces where children eat or friends gather around the cooking... 

10 simples tips for arranging furniture

Before you go placing couches and tables willy-nilly, check out’s 10 simple tips for arranging furniture, including: Identify the room’s focal point—a fireplace, view, or television, perhaps—then orient the furniture accordingly. Keep in mind the ideal distance between the TV and seating is three times the size of the screen. If you have a 32-inch screen, place seating 96 inches... 
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