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Small house design – Reka bentuk rumah kecil

Small house design - Reka bentuk rumah kecil
Kalau ada sesiapa nak cari idea untuk design rumah yang kecil, boleh rujuk gambar di atas. Konsep ala-ala chalet. Pencahayaan mengambil kira sumber semula jadi (matahari la). Jadi rumah nampak terang dan berseri. Tapi kalau untuk budaya kita di Malaysia, mungkin kurang sesuai sebab kita lebih suka privacy. Tapi itu bukan masalah, boleh diubah suai dengan citarasa masing-masing. Letak je langsir atau... 

Ocho House By Feldman Architecture | gambar rumah

This house is located in the Santa Lucia Mountains in an area of oak forests and steep meadows. The construction was provided with overhanging roofs planted with tall native grasses and solar roof. The interior has a loft appearance with vast windows and tall ceilings. The colors used for the interior decoration are rather natural – butter beige, white, natural wood, dark brown and black. more... 

Modern house design | gambar rumah

house design Designed by Nigel Parish from the Canadian Architectural Design Studio Splyce, the Geddes Residence is a beautiful shining home with an irregular shape and view to the ocean, built in West Vancouver and surrounded by a very carefully planned scenery. The Geddes Residence is special on the upper level where an outdoor room and a sundeck exist but also on the lower floor where open space... 

house design – reka bentuk rumah

house design - reka bentuk rumah
house design Seeing this home is believing in the perfection of vacation-house design. Three sets of French doors provide entrance to three different rooms at the front of the home. Gorgeous sets of stairs surrounding a turreted two-story atrium also lead to a second-level balcony–one of two–so homeowners can truly enjoy the views and atmosphere of their surroundings. Abundant windows allow... 

Open concept House design – reka bentuk rumah

Open concept House design – reka bentuk rumah  Read More →

chalet design : gambar chalet

hiasan dalaman chalet design source: highland cream resort chalet design  Read More →
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